We take great pride in our mission, but the fruits of our labor really start to show when we receive wonderful appreciation of our work. Below are some examples of some of the great feedback that we’ve received.

My friend is at Angel Manor. Everybody is very sweet and very caring. They take the time with you, they’re very patient. The place is awesome. They really care about the residents. The place is spotless. Everyday you can go in there anytime, and it is spotless. The rooms are beautiful. There are eight new rooms, and then they are some private rooms that are older, but they’re all beautiful. They are all decorated nicely. Everything is really positive and uplifting. Regarding food, it is just like a residence, so when they cook, they just cook really for the people that live there. In their dining area, there are two big dining tables, and everybody sits together at the same time and eats. With regards to activities, they’ll play bingo, they will play word puzzle games, they work jigsaw puzzles, and they do some crafts with them. They will help the ones that can’t if they want to. Everything is very easy, and the place is secure. It is a pretty safe community.

— Karen104569950 on Caring.com Original Page

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